The game may be down, but we're not!
Pixels is undergoing temporary maintenance while our developers implement some MAJOR updates. Read through this FAQ for answers to all your questions! 

Why is the game down?

We’ve officially announced that $PIXEL is set to launch on EXCHANGE.

In 2023, Pixels emerged as a leading web3 game with DAUs surpassing 180K, thanks to our vibrant community and switch to the Ronin blockchain. This growth set a solid foundation for 2024, as we enter a new growth phase with $PIXEL's listing on EXCHANGE, enhancing gameplay and our ecosystem. We're excited to build on this momentum and improve the web3 gaming space for our dedicated player base.

For any web3 game to achieve long-term success, sustainability must always be prioritized. We aim to combine good game design, lessons from the leading web2 games, and what’s working from the top web3 games into delivering what we believe to be a long-term and sustainable economy for our game.

We have evolved how we think about our tokens in-game and have made the strategic decision to focus on $PIXEL and to phase out $BERRY. All $BERRY holders will be rewarded with $PIXEL, with the reward proportionate to the amount of $BERRY owned.

Why are we transitioning $BERRY?

Currently, $BERRY experiences a daily inflation rate of approximately 2%. Although Chapter 2 will address complications arising from this inflationary model, we have opted to implement early measures to sustain the economy. This move allows us to build a more sustainable ecosystem and positions us for a stronger future, without the challenges associated with managing a soft currency on-chain.

$BERRY, as a soft currency, poses challenges in managing within a live player base and economy. Most MMOs struggle with balancing an inflationary economy, and Web3 technology exacerbates the issue by enabling farmers to grind harder and sell their earnings more easily. 

Chapter 2 plans to protect $PIXEL by requiring players to strategize and work together for token rewards, moving $BERRY to an off-chain coin to ensure fairness. We're also taking steps to reduce its market sell-pressure and address regulatory issues, focusing on a single currency to simplify the economic model and improve the game experience.

Next steps for $BERRY holders:

To be as fair as possible, we are committed to rewarding $BERRY holders with $PIXEL.

We will be exchanging $PIXEL for 1000 $BERRY for 7.6175 $PIXEL.

→ I have $BERRY in-game already:  Great! You’ll receive $PIXEL automatically.
→ I have $BERRY outside the game: Open the
Pixels Dashboard, and navigate to the exchange page. Here, you can exchange your $BERRY for $PIXEL.

The reward will be proportionate to the value of $BERRY owned. However, if you're part of that second group, you're going to want to act quickly. The sooner you convert $BERRY to $PIXEL, the better the conversion rate will be.

If you'd like to convert your $PIXEL to Coins, head over to the Bank! 

How do I play Pixels without $BERRY?

Coins! We have officially released a brand-new in-game currency, called Coins. This currency is off-chain, however, it can be purchased using the $PIXEL token.

To do so, players will need to have a $PIXEL balance in-game. Users can head over to the bank or click on the Coins icon in the top left of the HUD. Here, you can easily transfer $PIXEL to Coins!

How will the game be until TGE?

The Pixels game is going to start to shift towards what’s coming in Chapter 2! Here’s what you can expect:
→ A brand new Task Board will give users 9 new tasks to complete each day. Rewards will be in Coins, giving players opportunities to earn more of the new in-game currency.
→ Players will no longer be able to sell items to NPCs, including Hazel. This will help balance the in-game economy and ensure sustainable long-term gameplay.
→ Marketplace trading will remain available with a lowered Reputation Score requirement: 1200
→ Player-to-player trading Reputation Score requirement will remain the same
→ As a community, we will continue to have some exciting events, including our energy parties, live streams, and WEN $PIXEL campaign with daily tasks and BIG rewards.

What about $BERRY liquidity providers?

LPs can deposit $BERRY into the game via the Dashboard. Here, they’ll be able to exchange their balance to $PIXEL just like other $BERRY holders.

How long will the game be down for?

Only a few hours!! Hop on Discord and check back soon.

How can I contact Pixels?

If you need any kind of assistance during this period of downtime, please contact us on Discord, and we’ll do our best to provide the assistance that you need!


What is Pixels?

Pixels is a captivating, open-ended world of farming and exploration, built one pixel at a time. Gathering resources, advancing skills, and building relationships while exploring the story and quests woven throughout the Pixels Universe, you’ll be submerged in a mesmerizing blend of managing, creating, and exploring in a world that marries blockchain ownership with your progression and accomplishments.

WEN $Pixel?

Soon! Keep Tweeting WEN $PIXEL to help us speed things up! 😉

Do I need to pay anything to play Pixels?

Nope! Pixels is free-to-play. However, users may purchase VIP passes to enable features.

Can I play Pixels on mobile?

Yes! Log into the game via your wallet browser or regular browser with social login.

How can I connect an email or phone to my account?

When the dashboard is available, go to the Socials Tab and connect your email/phone as methods of login!

How do I gain more energy?

Cooking, Winemaking, Grilling and purchasing energy are other ways to gain energy. Part of the fun is finding a balance between when to use energy, and when to sell!

Will there ever be combat?

It’s considered for Chapter 3. For Chapter 2, the focus will be on economic changes, guilds, exploration and caves! We expect these Chapters to be approximately 3-4 months each.

I make Pixels Content. Is there a Content Creator program?

Yes! Check out our Pixels Content Creator form, fill it out and we’ll get back to you.

What are the benefits of Pixels VIP?

1 Additional Bookmark
6 Additional Backpack Slots
1500 Reputation Points
Name Color Change
VIP Lounge (400 Instant Energy Every 8 Hours)

How Often does the VIP Price Update?

Every Friday at 12 AM PT!

When will we be seeing our allocations for P2A Season 1 or 2?

Allocations will be published shortly. Pay attention to both Twitter and Discord Announcements.

Will there be more lands in the future?

We have no intention of minting more lands in the next few years.

Will we be able to mint more pets?

Yes! More pets will be open to mint with the $PIXEL token.

Will Chapter 2 still be playable for F2P players?

Of course! There will be upgrades to specks, and access to the beginner tier resources for F2P players. F2P players can even join guilds and gain access to higher tier resources via their guild.

Will I need land to play Chapter 2?

No you do not need land to play Chapter 2, but it might be a good idea to join a guild that has a couple lands.

Item Ownership - Does land come with the non-NFT industries, decorations, or soils?

Industries, items, soils, etc on a land belong to the person who places the item. The only items that cannot be removed by players are: Coop, Windmill, Silo, House, Bunker, Trees.

What is Reputation/Trust Score?

Pixels Reputation is a system we’ve created at Pixels to give our best and most loyal users benefits and recognition. This system plays a crucial role in safeguarding and distinguishing genuine, good players from those who may be inclined to violate guidelines.

What are significant levels in the Reputation points currently?

You need 700 Reputation to do balanced trades P2P, 1200 reputation to use the marketplace (buy or sell) and 2,000 reputation to be able to withdraw.