Rules & Community Guidelines

The purpose of these rules is to keep a welcoming, safe environment for all users & community members. Failure to comply may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the game, Discord, or other associated social platforms.


Pixels is committed to providing a friendly, safe, trustworthy and comfortable environment for all, regardless of sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, or level of experience.

Please note that these rules are subject to change as the Pixels game and community evolves.


Team members, moderators and community members are expected to proactively support the creation of this environment within the Pixels universe, Discord, Twitter, and other associated platforms. These rules also provide the Pixels team with a baseline for dealing with users that are cheating or breaking rules, which may ruin gameplay for other users.

Please note that the Pixels team and moderators will use these rules as a guideline, but will take into account the context at hand. Users conforming to the rules does not grant immunity against consequences if they are performing actions that have been voted to be against the spirit of the Pixels community and/or game. At times, moderators may ask users to stop a particular behavior or discussion even if it is not explicitly listed in these guidelines. It should then be considered a rule and all users should stop.

Pixels culture

The goal of this section is to set the overall tone for our community. This isn't an exhaustive list of things you can and can't do. Rather, take this document in the spirit in which it's intended, and try to be your best self.

Examples of encouraged behavior by members include:

Examples of unacceptable behavior by members include (but are not limited to):


It is our goal to make the Pixels Universe a welcoming place for everyone to explore. Sexual, abusive or malicious content will not be tolerated.


When participating in communication of any kind (chat, voice communication), you are responsible for how you express yourself. You may not use language that could be offensive or vulgar to others.

Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate, as is any obscene or disruptive language. Threatening or harassing another player is always unacceptable, regardless of language used. Violating any of these expectations will result in account restrictions. More serious and repeated violations will result in greater restrictions.

Spamming chats with messages is not allowed and will be met with consequences. In-game, users may be muted by moderators. On Discord or other platforms, users may be muted or banned.


The name you chose is subject to the same rules established above. Any name the player has the ability to customize must be appropriate and inoffensive. Any name that violates our standards or disrupts the community will be changed, and additional limitations may be placed on the offending account per the Pixels moderation team's discretion.

Logs and Records

Pixels has the right to keep logs and records of chats on Discord, in-game, and on other associated platforms.

However, please be mindful that things you say may at some point become public. We cannot prevent people from screenshotting chats on any platform. We also can't guarantee that every member's login credentials and logged-in devices are secure. Files uploaded on Discord can be downloaded by anyone with a login. Please exercise caution and refrain from sharing sensitive information that could harm you or others if it became public.

gameplay rules

Pixels is dedicated to creating a fair, safe space for all users.


Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game (including use of auto-clickers), exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

Exploiting other players is an equally serious offence. If a user is discovered to be scamming, or anything else that may degrade the gaming experience for other players, they will receive harsh penalties.


Users are free to create as many personal accounts as they want. Please note that only 1 account can be logged in at a time. Multiple accounts cannot be logged in at the same time.

If any user obtains items or wealth through a rule-breaking activity, all of their accounts may be banned.


Pixels has the right to permanently ban any accounts linked to botting schemes of any sort. The Pixels team will not provide any information on why the accounts were banned.


Players must not take advantage of any bugs they may find in our games. If a user discovers a bug, they are to report it to the Pixels team. If the bug is affecting the user's personal gameplay/account, they must open a chat on the Pixels Help Center.

The Pixels team will not ban anyone who discovers a bug in our game, lets us know about it and then does not exploit said bug. The Pixels team will ban players who continually exploit a bug, particularly if the bug provides unfair gain or advantage over other players.

If a user discovers a bug, they must not share it with other players. For example, they must not share information in-game, on any Discord servers, or by making a video that explains how to exploit the bug. Encouraging other players to abuse a bug or sharing information about it will be treated in the same way as continually abusing the bug and can lead to a ban.


Users must not encourage, support, or help anyone else to break any of the rules set out here. This includes behavior in-game, on our Discord server, or any associated platforms. If this happens, it will be treated as if the user was performing the rule-breaking action themselves, and may lead to a ban.

Land Design

Sexual, racist, sexist, abusive or harmful designs will not be tolerated. This may include the arrangement of floor tiles or objects to depict an inappropriate image.


trading items & tokens in-game

A trade must be agreed upon in-game before it takes place. Users are responsible for ensuring they are making the trades they wish to make. Trades made in-game cannot be reverted once they have taken place.

trading items off-platform

Trading items outside the Pixels Universe is done entirely at the user's own risk. Pixels is not liable for loss of items.

trading TOkens off-platform

Trading any tokens related to the Pixels Universe outside the Pixels platform, including Over the Counter (OTC) trading where Pixels tokens are exchanged in-game but paid for out of the game is done entirely at the user's own risk. Pixels explicitly disclaims any responsibility and is not liable for any loss of tokens resulting from such unauthorized external trading.

To protect the integrity of the Pixels ecosystem, we strongly advise all users to adhere to our terms of service and use Pixels-approved platforms and exchanges for any token transactions within the Pixels Universe.

reporting an issue


If you notice or are the victim of harassment in-game, please use the report feature. The Pixels team will review the messaging and proceed accordingly.

On Discord or other platforms

If you notice or are the victim of harassment, please let a Farm Hand or Community Team member know on Discord. The Pixels team will review the case and proceed accordingly.

Please note:

The Pixels team will respect confidentiality requests for the purpose of protecting victims of abuse. At our discretion, we may publicly name a person about whom we’ve received harassment complaints, or privately warn third parties about them. We will not name harassment victims without their affirmative consent.


Users found to be breaking any rules listed above will be dealt with in accordance of the severity of the offence. The Pixels moderation team has the right to vote & decide on the punishment, ranging from a warning to permanent ban.

Participants asked to stop the behavior are expected to comply immediately. Pixels team members, moderators, and team members from associated companies reserve the right to enforce action at any point in time.


If any user is found botting, multi-accounting (beyond stated rules), cheating, or harassing other players, they will be permanently banned.

If any user or their land is found in violation of the community guidelines, their land will be made private, blocking any visitors from entering. The user will be given 48 hours to redesign or make the necessary changes to comply with community guidelines. If the user fails to make these changes, their land will be reset to one of the original templates.

On Discord or other platforms

If a user engages in harassing behavior, the Pixels Team members or Moderators may take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the platform and identifying the participant publicly as someone with whom we've received complaints.


This code of conduct documentation draws from the following antecedents: Annalee Flower Horne's Sample Discord Code of Conduct, Geek Feminism's Community Anti-Harassment Policy, Jagex's Rules of Runescape, Python's Discord Code of Conduct, World of Warcraft's subreddit rules, Blizzard’s Code of Conduct, and FWB’s Code of Conduct.